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Chicken Pilaf
Chicken pilaf. Chicken pieces cooked with rice and vegetables. 2 lb. (Approx 1 kg)
Tefteli tray
Meatballs (tefteli) made with ground chicken and rice. 10 pc.
Chicken Fingers
Breaded Chicken fingers.
Chicken Soup
Chicken soup. May come with rice or pasta (depending on availability)
Fish Sticks
Fish sticks.
Chicken soup with rice
Chicken broth, chicken pieces and rice
Chicken Soup with Frikadelki
Chicken Soup with meatballs(frikadelki) with vegetables and either pasta or rice.
Crepe wraps (blinchiki)
Crepe wraps (blinchiki)
2 pc. Ingredients: traditional milk based crepes with potato, mushroom and onion filling
Pickled soup Rassolnik
Pickled soup (Rassolnik)
16 oz Ingredients : chicken based broth with pickles, barley, vegetables, herbs and spices
Blinchiki (plain)
6 pc. Milk based plain crepes.
Pasta Zapekanka
Pasta, meat baked in heavy cream and topped with cheese
Chicken Veg Soup w/ Pasta
Vegetable soup with chicken pieces and pasta
Chicken Cutlet with Side
6 pc Chicken cutlets with side of either Rice, Buckwheat or Pasta. Specify the side choice on your order notes.
Meatballs with Side
Meatballs with side of pasta or mashed potatoes. Specify choice of side in order notes. 6 pc.