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About Us

We are passionate about making authentic, great tasting food. Most of our recipes have been handed down the generations and we have made a few modifications of our own. 

Our menu has been taste tested by a wide variety of friends and family. It was their encouragement that lead us to start this venture.

We are very confident that you will appreciate the fresh, tasty food at affordable prices. We hope you will absolutely love the food and keep coming back for more. 


The Tasty Vada story …

The recipe for the vada is pretty simple. But it took us quite a few iterations to get the shape right. Our signature vadas have that visually appealing round shape. Crispy on the outside and fluffy soft inside. 

Having traveled all over India and the world, we ended up picking up recipes and cooking tips from across the country and tried them out. Not to speak of traditional family recipes passed down the generations. 

We had been making these items for our friends and family over the years. Our friends in the Bay Area (both Indian and non-Indian origin) devoured our items to the point that our idlis, vadas and sambar would be completely cleaned out!

We kept getting demands for hosting ‘dosa’ parties. Well, the ‘dosa’ was more of a misnomer and actually meant masala dosa, idli, vada, sambar, chutneys and the works!

On the international side, huge pots of Mushroom Barley, Borscht, Summer Beetroot soup, Olivier salad, Herring Beet salad, Golubtsy (stuffed cabbage rolls), Goulash, Pirozhki, Lasagna, Seafood Cioppino and other traditional Russian/ Ukrainian/ European dishes would be lapped up in no time and people demanding ‘take home’ boxes.

Our experiments with Thai style cooking was very successful and the selected dishes we made received compliments of being better than the stuff in Thai restaurants. 

While keeping true to the South Indian theme, we ventured to put a few things on the menu that are from other parts of the country and the world. 

We hope to expand our offering and bring other dishes that have been universally liked by our friends and family.

Our Food Policy

We believe that great tasting food comes from making things from scratch and using the best of ingredients. 

Our Core Values

All our meals are prepared with the same love and care that we do to serve our family and close friends. There will be no compromise in quality. 

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